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The Company

The Global Macro Investor is a highly original, thought-provoking and completely independent research publication, which maintains a very restricted paid membership to avoid diluting its value to the members.

In addition to the economic and market analysis and trade recommendations, Raoul also draws from his unique experience of running a successful global macro fund, combining it with his many years spent advising some of the world's most pre-eminent hedge funds. This gives GMI members unique insights into issues facing the macro investment industry, and assists in the development of a framework from which to plan for the future.

Additionally, GMI offers separate consultancy advice to family offices in strategy, investment implementation, risk analysis and wealth management that is truly independent.

Raoul's Background

Raoul Pal has previously co-managed the GLG Global Macro Fund in London for GLG Partners, one of the largest hedge fund groups in the world.

Raoul came to GLG from Goldman Sachs where he co-managed the hedge fund sales business in Equities and Equity Derivatives in Europe. Other stop-off points on the way were Natwest Markets and HSBC, although he began his career by training traders in technical analysis.

Raoul Pal retired from managing client money in 2004 at the age of 36 and now lives on the Valencian coast of Spain, from where he writes for The Global Macro Investor. In 2008, Raoul also helped design the TV programme Million Dollar Traders for the BBC, and trained the participants in investment and risk management strategy. His articles have appeared several times in the press and he has also taken part in TV interviews.

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